[Indonésie] Le ministère de l’Industrie demande à la police d’assurer la sécurité dans les installations industrielles

Police Asked to Be Decisive on Labor Protests

The Industry Ministry has asked the police to ensure safe condition in industrial plants to prevent illegal labor demonstrations.

Panggah Susanto, Director General of Industry-Based Manufacturing, said that some companies have complained about actions by workers.

“It is all right to stage rallies provided they do not inflict damages. Wage issues can be negotiated. But if they make their demands by destroying gates, holding employees hostage, and causing damages, that is no longer in the spirit of fighting for workers’ welfare,” Panggah told Tempo, on Nov. 5.

According to Panggah, the police must be firm in controlling demonstrations and enforcing labor laws, because, if there is no rule of law, the government fears Indonesia will lose the momentum to boost investments.

He added that the government is trying to facilitate dialogue between workers and employers to find a common ground for a constructive formula for Indonesia’s economy.

Presse esclavagiste (TempoInteractive.com, 6 novembre 2012)

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