[Mort aux El-Assad et à tous leurs complices !] Vivent les armureries DIY d’Idlib et d’ailleurs ! (6)

DIY weapons of Syria


An improvised armored vehicle is seen parked as Free Syrian Army fighters gather on a street in the refugee camp of Yarmouk near Damascus May 5, 2013. The Arabic on the vehicle reads: « God is great. »


Syrian brothers who used to be musicians make homemade explosives for the Free Syrian Army in the Ma’ar Shamarine village near Idlib January 15, 2013.


Free Syrian Army fighters stand next to a homemade rocket launcher in Sermeen near Idlib, October 17, 2012.


A homemade military vehicle called Sham 1 is seen in Khan al-Assal area November 10, 2012.

Leur presse (Reuters)


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