[Révolution égyptienne] La police dégagée de Port-Saïd et d’Ismaïlia ?


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Security source: More than 30 police stations closed in past few hours

Police officers closed more than 30 police stations in the past few hours to protest the way Interior Minister Mohamed Ibrahim is running the ministry, a senior security source at the Interior Ministry said Thursday, state news agency MENA reported.


Hundreds of low-ranking police officers protest outside headquarters of Alexandria Security Directory, 12 February 2013. Low-ranking police personnel in 10 governorates are staging a sit-in and shutting down security departments to express their rejection of new legislation organizing demonstrations.

The source said in a press statement that police stations in Cairo, Giza, Ismailia, Port Said, Minya, Sohag, Daqahlia, Gharbiya, Sharqiya and Alexandria closed their doors, and many Central Security Forces departments went on strike nationwide.

Security leaders are reviewing the officers’ demands and trying to convince them to return to work, the source said, according to MENA.

Six police stations closed Thursday in Cairo and Giza in solidarity with the strikes in other governorates, according to Al-Masry Al-Youm. The Qasr al-Nil, Old Cairo, Matareya, Nasr City, Shorouk and Dokki police stations all shut their doors.


Port-Saïd, jeudi 7 mars

Police officers said they would continue to protest until the minister decides they are properly armed to face riots. Officers also demanded Interior Minister Mohamed Ibrahim’s dismissal.

Many policemen have died in clashes with protesters, and they say they were not armed to defend themselves.

Police in Alexandria shut down the security directorate’s gate and held banners that read “Leave, Brotherhood minister” and “The police is in the service of the people, not killers.”

In Media Production City in 6th of October, dozens of police officers demanded a law to protect them from repeated attacks by anti-government protests, and called for equal wages for police officers of all ranks.

Central Security Forces in the Suez Canal and Delta cities, which account for one-fifth of the CSF’s overall forces, have continued their sit-ins and refused to carry out any of their normal activities.

The first of the CSF sit-ins began in the Delta city of Mansoura Tuesday and spread to Suez Canal cities Wednesday, when CSF officers rejected orders to deploy to Port Said to provide backup for security forces that began clashing with anti-government protesters Sunday.

Members of the CSF and other security forces participating in the sit-ins say that they do not want to be involved in handling security incidents in Tahrir Square. The police force in charge of securing the president’s home in Sharqiya also refused to carry out its work Thursday.

Presse contre-révolutionnaire (Edited translation from Al-Masry Al-Youm, EgyptIndependant.com, 7 mars 2013 – 21 heures)


Port-Saïd : le chef de la sécurité limogé

Le chef de la sécurité de Port-Saïd, ville du nord-est de l’Égypte agitée par des violences depuis plusieurs semaines, a été limogé, ont indiqué des responsables de la sécurité aujourd’hui. Mohsen Radi a été relevé de ses fonctions à Port-Saïd et transféré à la direction des prisons au Caire « en réponse aux demandes des habitants de Port-Saïd et pour calmer la situation », a dit l’un de ces responsables.

Presse contre-révolutionnaire (Agence Faut Payer, 6 mars 2013 – 16h30)

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