[Inde] Révolte ouvrière à l’usine Tata de Jamshedpur

Tata Steel: 25 Injured After Labor Protest at Factory

MUMBAI–Tata Steel Ltd. said some contract workers and the company’s security personnel clashed at its factory in eastern India’s Jamshedpur town Monday, injuring about 25 people. Five of them, including a photo journalist, were injured when security personnel fired rubber bullets at a violent mob, a company spokesman said. Others who injured were the plant’s security personnel, he added.

The agitating workers also damaged cars, burnt a few two-wheelers and broke one of the factory gates, Tata Steel said in a statement. The plant’s operations weren’t affected, it added. The statement didn’t give any reasons for the agitation, but the spokesman said it wasn’t over wage disputes of layoffs. “We are still trying to find out why they did it,” he said. “The police will come into the scene soon.” Shahnawaz Alam, a spokesman for the Tata Workers Union, said he won’t comment on the incident because those involved were contract workers and not the union’s members. The plant’s contract workers couldn’t be contacted for comment.

Presse esclavagiste (online.WSJ.com, 24 décembre 2012)

Five labourers injured as security guards open fire in Jamshedpur

Jamshedpur, Dec. 24 (ANI): At least five workers were injured as private company guards opened fire on labourers here on Monday, following heated arguments over not being allowed to enter the premises with their bicycles.

Labourers clashed with the security guards at the gate on being prohibited from entering.

Akhilesh Sharma, a worker, who suffered stomach injuries, said the security guards opened fire while they were seeking permission to enter the company premises with their bicycles.

The Deputy Superintendent of Police (City), K N Chaudhary, said the agitated labourers set around seven to eight motorcycles on fire.

« We got this information that the labourers were not allowed to enter with their bicycles and they were told that the labourers will be taken inside in a bus. They are protesting against this. I do not have any information about firing and we are still investigating. Around seven to eight motorcycles have been set on fire and fire engines have been called to douse the fire, » said Chaudhary.

The irate labourers vandalized company property and shouted slogans in protest against the new rule.

Presse esclavagiste (ANI via NewsTrackIndia.com, 24 décembre 2012)

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